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YAH! I'M BACK AND BETTER THEN EVAR!! ...not rly buh dat is ok ^^ I… - I’ll breathe the fireflies [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 27th, 2007|01:36 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |You Are Expendable - YUNYU]

YAH! I'M BACK AND BETTER THEN EVAR!! ...not rly buh dat is ok ^^

I am so giddy right now it hurts. I wanna go dancing. I wanna go rave. But no raving fun for this grasshopper. None. v.v I am all sick and icky, my eyes and nose are all boogery, and my throat is froggy, but I will not let that terminate my happy-dance spirit!! 8D
I did go to a rave once, it was getting nice and packed, then the man stomped on it. $20 I will never see again. It had so much potential. It wasn't even midnight. And boyhowdy, you don't want to see angry ravers, especially sober ones. The ones on E were too fucked to even care.

Kayla's kitty, Tweak

ROAD TRIP!! Last November Theresa, Mitch and I went on a roadtrip to Edmonton because Theresa wanted to get some peach juice from the oriental grocery store and it was rumoured they had amazing dim-sum.

The lonely chocolate bar ;~;

When it got dark we decorated Mitch's car with glow sticks

The drive consisted of Theresa playing her gameboy, Mitch trying to sing to Japanease music and me laying in the back making sarcastic remarks.

I tried to make it look like they were having buttsex but the road was too bumpy ><

Sludge!! It was around here where my camera stopped working, it sucked because we didnt even reach Edmonton yet.

This is Voit. He didn't have a home for awhile so I carried him around in a backpack. He's so cute. He is now happily living in the bio lab with a cage mate, Spalding.

Bubbles~! =D

God I'm so bored T.T


[User Picture]From: harassmypanda
2007-03-29 01:41 am (UTC)
Um, the one I went to was the Halloween Rave, it was starting to fill up when some people broke through the floor, but the whole rave was busted because they were selling liquor without a lisense or something.
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